Moore Wedding at the Golden Glow Ballroom in Saginaw, Michigan

I’m always a little nervous to meet my brides for the first time. Mostly it’s that first day of school feeling, giddy and excited, ready to make new friends, hoping they like you; partly, because I want to exceed all their expectations for their day. I met Jimanesha and Lamarr on the day of their wedding and I was so happy when I realized they were the coolest couple around.

Their families were relaxed and energetic, a wonderful blend on such a beautiful and busy day. The kids were full of bubbles as the adults focused on preparing the bride and groom for their wedding. As I buzzed around taking shots of all the beauties in their dresses and the guys in their tuxes, I realized that Lamarr and Jimanesha were going to have a wonderful life together.

Not only did they have each other, but they have a large and close-knit group of friends and family who have become one.
Everyone dressed in Royal Purple and Malibu Blue, colors as happy and perfect as the late spring wedding. The morning rain dampened the air and the anticipation grew as hot as the sun. I enjoyed watching the kids sneaking candies from the tables as the adults grabbed them one by one and suited them up for their day of being the cutest little flower girls, ring bearers, and butterflies ever.

It was the first time I had ever seen a couple of girls dressed as butterflies for a wedding, but I am thoroughly convinced that they should be at every wedding. It was the most adorable thing ever!

Perhaps I am biased, because my own little girl reminded me of her, but the flower girl stole my heart that day. She was the sweetest and the best dancer around. She boogied her little butt all day and night. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My favorite moment of the day was when Jimanesha pulled up to her white carpeted aisle, their initials monogrammed in glitter, in a horse drawn carriage. It was worth the wait when she was
escorted up that aisle by her father.

I watched Jamarr and the emotions on his face as she came nearer, and I knew there was something special between the pair. They had build a life of love together and were making if official right before my eyes. I was so happy to have been a part of it. The family fed me and treated me so kindly throughout the evening and I am blessed to have met them.

I wish a lifetime of love and blessings to the Moore family and all the happiness in the world. CONGRATULATIONS you two and the whole family!